Why am I so ill now?

Because I am suffering from a somatic disorder where I perpetuate my own beliefs about illness
Because I took 10 years’ of antibiotics when I was young
Because I am depressed
Because I have anxiety disorder
Because I internalised my parents fighting, manufacturing illness
Because I have an poorly-understood organic disease called CFS/M.E.
Because I am on too many drugs for anxiety and sleeplessness
Because God is punishing me
Because I am having codeine withdrawal
Because the universe likes to experiment on people
Because the medical diet I am on is making me iller
Because I am perpetuating my own anxiety as illness myth
Because I am suffering from chronic lack of stage four sleep
Because I have subconscious reasons to gain from remaining ill
Because I was bitten by a tick and have unrecognised Lyme disease
Because I grew up transgendered, and my unhappiness results in physical symptoms
Because I am self-pitying
Because I have an undetected illness such as MS
Because I am chronically lonely through lack of social interaction
Because my anxiety about my hearing loss has driven me to self-isolation
Because I am a weak person
Because I have hidden mercury poisoning
Because some people are not built to survive, and current society prolongs their existence artificially
Because I have a brain tumour
Because I lack courage
Because I am a bad person, and am being paid back for it
Because I have chronic candida which is affecting my whole immune system
Because I have no courage to lift myself out of this state
Because I have hidden severe allergies
Because my unhappy childhood set my brain and body on a course of self-hurt
Because I have an as-yet misunderstood immune system dysfunction
Because I am a scientific experiment in a simulated world
Because some things are supposed to be
Because I won’t get out of bed, rather than can’t
Because my mother passed on a polio-type illness she contracted to me via the womb
Because there are no reasons, and the universe is unkind and unknowing
Because I sleep outside my natural circadian rhythm of daylight and nighttime
Because I deserve it
Because I ask questions like this, while so many are so much iller, more unhappy, more anxious


2 thoughts on “Fears”

  1. RE: “Because I ask questions like this, while so many are so much iller, more unhappy, more anxious”
    Hey, feeling rubbish isn’t a competition! There’s nothing to feel bad about at all in analysing our experiences. If only more people did! By questioning what’s happening to you, you’re not giving up, you’re fighting for control.
    Some of those possible theories you cite are pretty scary. Please don’t worry too much (I know that’s easy for me to say, but you know what I mean). Maybe you were selected by aliens for experiementation because of your superior rib-tickling skills and you’re just experiencing the side effects of making the universe a funnier place? Keep writing missus.

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