Fumblings 2.0

Consider this the start of Fumblings 2.0. It’s like Web 2.0 but without the tagospheric folksonomical architecture of participation and semantic findability. If you found yourself actually trying to work out what that sentence meant, I advise you to steer clear of flickr and digg for a while.


In other words you’ll still be able to leave comments here but still not be able to post nude photos of your neighbours. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry it’s nearly been a year, and Fumblings, you’ve been on my mind for most of it. I’m sorry to those I haven’t mailed or replied to, but I’ve had to severely limit myself due to continued illness and battle fatigue, and… oh, it’s a pretty poor excuse. Somehow it’s seemed too important to ever be able to do it justice. I feel particularly ashamed at not giving a squeak to those who even took the time to give Fumblings a nudge like an old TV set to see if it was still working. However a specific comment to my last exhausting entry has just dragged me from my cave and I really have to get back to this. Even if it’s just to be a bit more like a normal weblog and talks about cats and porridge for a bit. Although I’ve never been very good at tracing the trajectory of my daily life here and always seem to end up writing essays. Crazy non sequiturs will likely continue.

My comment to the above ended up as always more like a post in itself and I have to rest, but I hope to see anyone again soon who’s still watching and occasionally banging the set to see if it works. Meet you here soon, k?

7 thoughts on “Fumblings 2.0”

  1. Crikey – I was astonished to see this pop up in my Bloglines.
    I’m loathe to add anything to your tremendous reply to anonymous’ comment, but I would say this to her/him; that they should consider how difficult it has been for someone who is so social and who loves people and company and being part of a team as much as you do, to spend so many months without that contact – consider the possibility that you are not an anomaly in this respect – and then think again very carefully about any preconceptions they have about the value of the workplace to ME sufferers.

  2. Hello Honey
    Really like your blog, very interesting and great to read.

  3. Wahey! Welcome back, Miss Honey. What a pleasant surprise.
    I don’t have anything useful to add to the current discussion, I’m afraid – just letting you know that I’m still optimistically clicking on this bookmark (not very “2.0”, I know) every so often, and always happy to lend a sympathetic ear. Well… eye, I suppose. You know what I mean.

  4. Hi Honey, Have not spoken in a while. As mentioned one year ago now I was going to start chelation using a slow low dose protocol developed by andrew cutler. The good news is after a few months my energy started to return and I started with short bike rides just 1mile or so once a week, it really took it out of me. Then around 4 months in I felt I could actually get down the gym and I ran for 5 minutes and then went in the sauna for 10. I was quite shocked but I just felt I had it in me. Since then its been going well with continued progress with no relapse. Which is a first where normally I try something feel good for a few weeks then bang back down to earth. I am now near normal on the energy front and do almost everything the difference is huge. Have not run 90 mins on a football field yet but I think I could even give that a go. Only thing that has not quite cleared is candida, which feels pretty low now. I don’t think its going to be long and maybe needs just a little more before it to is gone. Which is what inspired me down this route because the only people I have ever found with 100% success/cure are the ones who have detoxed/chelated. So will see how things go up to the summer but fingers crossed. If you are interested in anything particular about this please let me know. I am not sure what first triggered my issues but I think it was either the fish I was eating 5 times a week, vaccines I had before holiday or fillings in my teeth, all I can say is steer well clear of them. Its scary all the things that also contribute to this the toxins, chemicals and metals that are out there I have had to do huge research to minimise them in my life from sofa’s to cooking pans, trays, my bed you name it.

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