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I’d like to hear from stranger or friend anytime.
It’s really easy to mail me. Just take the domain name (without the www) and add honey@ to the front of it. I really hate getting spam, that’s all. But I really like getting
your mails.

2 thoughts on “Mail Me”

  1. Read your post “A Response to Michael Sharpe” on the recommendation of James Coyne on Twitter. Loved it. Are you on Twitter? I would follow you. I’m new there – pwme for 30+ years and seriously pissed off about how we’ve been treated. I admire those of you who have continued writing and sharing your experiences. Thank you.

  2. Dear colleague and ME-sister,
    I’ve happened upon your excellent blog via James Coyne and his slideshow in Ireland. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your analytical skills, second, I hope you’ve managed to cling on to your job (I didn’t but I have remained affiliated which allows me to have a third of one foot left inside academia) and thirdly I’d like to know how you are. Of course 3) should have been 1), I just realise. Do be in touch if you find the energy, I’d be very interested to ‘meet’ you.
    Best wishes

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